Frankenstuffers are rising at Arthur Williams Middle School!  Our seventh grade life science classrooms plan on utilizing stuffed animals donated by the community in conjunction with Google Slides on Acer Chromebooks in order to teach the domain of interdependence of life in seventh grade science.  Students will take ownership in their own learning as they inquire about the interdependence of the world around them and create a unique approach to teaching others what they learned through the process.  Using parts of stuffed animals, students will construct a new species, the Frankenstuffer (scientific names to be determined by the student groups).  Through the reconstruction of a new species and writing e-books about their new species, students will learn about adaptations, biomes, and other areas of the domain interdependence of life.  Using the Frankenstuffer as the main character, students will then write interactive, multimedia e-books using Google Slides in order to teach their findings about life to third and fourth grade students at the neighboring elementary school.

Arthur Williams Middle School