The opportunity to apply for an Innovation Grant was open to all Georgia teachers, media specialists, counselors, or any combination of persons within a school setting.


The Georgia Educational Technology Consortium (GaETC) offers technology innovation grants to elementary, middle, and high school teachers in Georgia. Funding is given to “innovative technology projects that enhance the teaching and learning to improve student outcomes.”

Funding Priority

The opportunity to apply for a Technology Innovation Grant is open to elementary, middle and high school teachers, media specialists, counselors, or any combination of persons within a school setting in Georgia.


The Georgia Educational Technology Consortium will award five Innovation Grants of $3000 each to support technology-based projects to elementary, middle, and high school teachers in Georgia.


Marshell Kinnel – Communicate & Innovate

The mission of Susie Dasher Elementary is to prepare students to be effective communicators. This grant will create the Innovators Broadcast Network to enhance communication skills and increase minority students’ exposure to STEAM careers.

Rebekah Holt – Mindful Designs

Mindful Designs will allow students to apply their knowledge of PE, Art, ISTE, NGSS, SEL, and math to create signs along a path. The focus will be on providing students a chance to create 3-D designs in partnership with Cherokee HS. The laptops will be needed to design the signs.

Denisse Maddox – Wondering Around in STEM

Students will engage in fun and creative tasks while developing an understanding of the intricacies of coding. Students will participate in cooperative and innovative design. Students in 4th-5th grades can also hone their coding skills when competing in digital Wonder League Robotics Competitions.

Kaitlyn Caudill – The Root of STEM

Root Robots are innovative and engaging tools which will transform our STEM program. With the acquisition of Root Robots, students will be fostering their coding, robotics, and AI skills, but most importantly, working to improve their critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.


We will set up PVC hydroponic systems to go with our raised garden bed project. One will be set up outside with the gardens, the other inside our classroom lab. Using HOBO sensors, we will collect data that will teach students about how environmental conditions impact plant growth.

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  • Applications and supporting documentation will be available at on July 1.
  • Application Deadline: September 17.
  • Grant Recipient Announcement: October 5.
  • Only complete applications conforming to the specified guideline format, and requirements will be evaluated and eligible for funding.
  • All completed grant applications should be submitted on or before the deadline.
  • After successful submission of the online application, the applicant will receive an electronic confirmation receipt immediately. If the applicant does not receive an electronic confirmation receipt, please email Paulina Kuforiji at
  • Innovation Grants will be judged and scored based on the published rubric.
  • Applicants must agree to implement the approved grant initiative and expend all awarded funds before January 1, 2022.
  • Grant recipients are expected to make a presentation during the 2020 Georgia Educational Technology Conference.

Questions regarding the grant should be directed to Paulina Kuforiji at